Frequently Asked Questions


Who are we?

We are Sheila and Katie, two friends (both originally from the Midwest of the US) who between us have over 40 years of experience in the fashion industry (including jewellery and accessories) in New York and London, we have turned our personal passions for vintage and antique jewellery  into this business.  We work with some of the most experienced jewellers in London to ensure that our collection is always in tip-top condition and so that we can offer re-sizing, stone-setting and bespoke alterations. 

Where are we based?

We are based in London.  For the moment we are only an online business however, we occasionally do pop-ups and special in-person sales, so please follow us on Instagram or join our mailing list here to stay in the loop.  We do work with private clients in 1-to-1 sessions to create bespoke pieces.  Please get in touch here if you would like to know more.

About Us + Our Products

We source our jewellery from dealers in Great Britain and Europe.  We curate our collection to bring you one-of-a-kind gorgeous, wearable pieces with incredible craftsmanship and unique histories.  All of our jewellery is considered ‘fine jewellery’, made from gold (the carat – karat in American English - of the gold will be clearly stated in each product description), platinum and occasionally silver (this was very commonly used in Victorian and pre-Victorian times to set diamonds).  All stones will be natural stones, we do not sell synthetic stones. 

Our aim is to give these gorgeous antique pieces new life AND preserve their amazing craftsmanship.  We don’t sell items that we feel are so delicate from age that they can’t be worn in a practical way.  All of our antique pieces are meant to be very special but to also become part of your everyday collection. 


Buying pre-owned jewellery:

Contributes to Resource Conservation.  Buying pre-owned jewellery reduces the demand for newly mined precious metals and gemstones.  This helps not only to conserve natural resources and minimizes the environmental impact associated with mining activities, it also greatly reduces the carbon footprint of the product as there are no energy intensive processes involved in extracting and refining raw materials and manufacturing new items.

Contributes to the circular economy.  We believe it is preferable to utilise reuseable and regenerated materials, instead of the linear production system where products are made, used and disposed of.  By investing in antique jewellery, you are recycling by keeping valuable materials in circulation instead of being discarded, and looking fabulous while you do it.  Antique jewellery also holds its value and it’s an investment that you’ll actually have fun with.

Is the clear ethical choice when considering the disturbing issues around conflict diamonds.  You can take comfort knowing your purchase is in no way contributing to supporting bad industrial practices, harming or displacing people, causing wars or poisoning the environment.

Preserves craftsmanship as well as cultural and historical value.  Antique and vintage jewellery can display techniques and craftsmanship that simply cannot be replicated in today’s mass-produced pieces.  By appreciating and preserving these pieces, you support the continuation of traditional artisanal skills.  Additionally, antique jewellery can carry historical and cultural significance.  By buying and wearing these pieces in your own way, in keeping with your own style, you help to contribute to the preservation of history and cultural heritage.

In short, buying antique or vintage jewellery is a choice that makes a positive impact on both the environment and society, aligning one’s consumer choices with principles of sustainability and responsible consumption.


Can you re-size rings?

Yes we can re-size rings.  We use the best jeweller in London (in our humble opinion).  The cost for ring re-sizing is £70 and this typically adds 3-5 days to the dispatch time of your order.  If you return a ring that you had re-sized by us, the cost of the re-sizing is not refundable.  If a ring purchased from us is re-sized by another jeweller, we cannot accept this item for a return.  Please see our returns policy here.


Shipping & Returns

Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide with the exception of a few places (this is because shipping companies won’t offer insurance on specific locations).  Please contact us if you have questions about your location.  Please see our shipping policy here.

How much does shipping cost?

Please see our shipping policy here.

How long does shipping take?

Once we have received your order we will ship it to you in 1-3 business days (this excludes weekends and public holidays).  You will receive an  email notifying you of the tracking details once your order has shipped.  Orders for UK customers (excluding Norther Ireland) are sent via next day delivery.  Orders for the rest of the world take anywhere from 2-9 days to arrive as couriers differ greatly in different countries.  Please find our shipping policy here and please contact us if you have any specific requirements you would like to discuss.

Will I be able to track my order?

Yes, you will receive an email containing tracking information as soon as your item has been shipped.  Please find out full shipping policy here.

How will my order arrive?

We are constantly refining our packaging to be the most eco-friendly yet fully protective.  Your items will be placed carefully inside of our packaging and come to you in a plain, non-descript (yet strong) brown cardboard box. This is done intentionally as we don’t want your parcel to scream ‘diamonds have arrived.’.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


Digital Gift Cards

Can I buy a digital gift card?

Digital gift cards can be purchased here.  Enter the recipient’s email and it will automatically be sent to their inbox (though if you don’t receive a ‘thank you’ you may want to urge them to check their junk folder).

When can I use a digital gift card?

Digital gift cards can be used for 12 months from the date of purchase, after which any remaining balance will be cancelled and the card will become invalid.  Gift cards cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions.  To use your digital gift card just enter the gift card code at checkout.  Full Ts&Cs can be found here